Robert Poss
Band of Susans

“Robert Poss [and Band Of Susans] strum power chords and tremoloes that resonate until they fill a room with overtones, octave upon octave, chiming and buzzing and shimmering with forceful grandeur.”

-Jon Pareles, The New York Times

“Adamantly arty, these New York subversives have since 1986 never lost faith in hypnotic guitar....Robert Poss and Susan Stenger prevail with dronefests rich in texture and heavy with stream-of-consciousness musings....The radical strategy pays off in music that is brainy, visceral and bracing.”

-Rolling Stone Magazine

“Unsung heroes in pop’s gender wars, The Band Of Susans have surpassed the challenges put down by successive Downtown minimalists: the No New York groups, composers Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca. The result: the best guitar rock of the ‘80’s.”

-Mojo (U.K.)