Robert Poss
Location Sound
Selected Credits
Location Sound for Television and Film

"Twisted Sister” Andy Horn 2011

"Elliot Carter Documentary” Murray Lerner/MLF Productions (in production)

“De Reüie” KRO (The Netherlands) 2008, 2009

“De Rode Loper” Eén (Belgium) 2008, 2009, 2010

“Nova New York” (Dutch Television) 2008

“Rolex Mentors Program” The Proudfoot Company (U.K.) 2007 – 2010

“Baddiel And The Missing Nazi Millions” BBC 2007

“The Future – The Biomolecular Revolution, Episode 2, with Michio Kaku” BBC 2007

“Madame Blavatsky: Spiritual Traveler” and "Aleister Crowley: The Beast 666"
Reel Time Images 2007

“Person Of The Week” ABC Evening News with Charles Gibson 2006

“Epigenetics” BBC-Horizon 2005

“Ballistics,” “Spacemen” and "Moon Mysteries” National Geographic Channel
("Naked Science" series, Pioneer Productions, U.K.) 2005

“The Brooklyn Connection” PBS: P.O.V; excerpted on CBS 60
Tribeca Film Festival official selection 2005

“Gifted Education” PBS: The News Hour 2005

“I Shouldn’t Be Alive” Discovery Channel/Channel 4 (U.K.) 2005

“History Detectives” (series) PBS 2003

“The Story of Art Deco: Off to America” Channel 5 (U.K.) 2003

“Disapora” VPRO (The Netherlands) 2002

“The Mystery of Easter Island” BBC-Horizon 2002

Winner of the Carl Von Linne Science Trophy

“Extreme Machines” (Land Speed Record, Bubba Blackwell, World’s Tallest Buildings, etc.) The Learning Channel/Discovery 1997 – 2001

“The Search For Atlantis” A&E 2000

“Super Volcanoes” BBC-Horizon 1999

“The Spying Game” BBC 1999

“Frontline: Dreams Of Tibet” PBS 1997

“Tomorrow’s World” BBC Science 1997

“Anti-Gravity Room” (series) YTV (Canada) 1997